LED Side marker lights





LED replacements use fraction of the power and generate a fraction of the heat while producing comparable amount of light

Each OEM light bulb uses 5W while the new replacement LED light uses less than 1.4W

With parking lights on the side marker lights alone consume 20 watts of power

With replacement LED lights the power consumption will drop to just 5.5 watts for all four lights combined!!

Amber light - front

OEM light bulb - 5W LED replacement - 1.4W


Red light - rear

OEM light bulb - 5W LED replacement - 1.4W


Close-up view of the LED light cluster



Custom circuit board

The board is made in three sections to provide forward and side illumination of the light and reflector


Technical details:

  • Each light uses custom designed circuit board

  • There are eight type 5050 LEDs, each containing 3 chips for a total of 24 LED chips

  • Power supply is regulated by two onboard ICs

  • Safe operating voltage*: 10 - 30V

  • Full brightness is achieved at 10.5V and remains constant above that

  • Power consumption at 12.5V - 1.4 watts

  • Built in overload protection

  • Built in over temperature protection

  • Compatible with side markers working as turn signal repeaters!

  • No polarity - it does not matter which wire is positive and which is negative

  • Special coating provides protection against moisture and water

* - Voltage lower than 10V will not damage the light but the light output will be lower. Absolute maximum supply voltage should never exceed 37V.




List of components:

Schematic diagram COMPLETE
PCB design (Printed Circuit Board) COMPLETE
PCB (Printed Circuit Board) COMPLETE
Integrated circuits COMPLETE
Resistors COMPLETE
Rear plate HOLD


LED side marker lights kit: $TBD

Each kit includes:

2 Red LED replacement light boards with aluminum rear plate

2 Amber LED replacement light boards with aluminum rear plate

2 red and 2 yellow connecting harnesses with Super-Seal connectors


Installation requires cutting the OEM light to remove the rear plate

A new aluminum plate will be provided with the kit

OEM light bulb socket needs to be cut off and wires provided need to be soldered on


Custom installation

You can send your lights in for custom installation

I can install the new boards in your old or NOS lights


All prices include worldwide priority shipping





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